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Botox Solihull


As a convenient alternative to surgery, for younger clients it is possible to use injections of a substance called botulinum toxin products (Botox®) to reduce and relax frown lines, forehead lines and even laughter lines around the eyes.

The benefits of botulinum toxin product injections are visible within seven to ten days of the treatment and will last for four to six months, giving the face a smoother, more rested appearance. After this period, the benefits of botulinum toxin products will still be visible as wrinkles and lines will be diminished. If a more permanent look is required, the furrows may be filled using dermal filler injections.

How does the Botulinum Toxin product work?

The botulinum toxin injections are derived from purified protein botulinum toxin, which temporarily relaxes the muscles into which it is injected. Because facial expressions result in wrinkling or furrowing especially on the forehead and round the eyes, botulinum toxin products prevent you from making these expressions so that the skin around the injection site stays smooth.

How was it discovered that Botulinum Toxin products could achieve these smoothing effects?

Botulinum toxin products have been used successfully for a number of years to treat people with serious nervous tics and facial spasms. The smoothing effect of the botulinum toxin product injections was noticed around the injection sites and as a result, cosmetic surgeons perfected the treatment of lines around the forehead and eyes

Which are the best areas of the face for Botulinum Toxin product treatment?

The best results are achieved on the vertical frown lines between the eyes, around the laughter lines and on the horizontal lines on the forehead.

Are Botulinum Toxin products injections painful?

The pain factor is minimal; you will feel a pinprick at the injection followed by a mild burning sensation that wears off in minutes.

Will there be a long term benefit to having Botulinum Toxin product injections?

Yes, by preventing the muscles from moving for a period of time, your lines will be diminished and appear
less marked.

What should I do after my Botulinum Toxin product injections have worn off?

A return treatment will maintain your smooth new look.

Are Botulinum Toxin products safe?

The botulinum toxin in the injections is sterile, safe and has been used for over ten years to treat serious
medical conditions.

How long will the Botulinum Toxin products treatment take?

Your clinic will advise you as to how many injections you will require and where they will be placed. Usually, botulinum toxin product treatments take about 15 minutes to perform.

How will I look after the Botulinum Toxin product injections?

You may have a few tiny pink marks where the injections were made but these will disappear within two hours. Most people are able to immediately return to a normal life after the treatment.


Botox Solihull

"I am a TV presenter who has been having cosmetic treatments at Waterside Aesthetics in Solihull for many years to help retain a youthful and relaxed complexion. I would not dream of letting anyone other than Helen from Waterside Aesthetics touch my face.

Following my treatment, I have always looked totally natural, just like I've had a good rest - there have been times when they have refused to do treatments because it's not necessary or have found a different way to approach a problem.

Whether it's a skin rejuvenating peel, or more invasive treatments like Botox or face/lip filler, I always feel confident in Helen's and her staff’s ability. As an award winning aesthetic nurse, qualified to the highest standard for 12 years and commended at the latest Aesthetics Awards, Helen knows where the dangers are and most importantly... safety and hygiene always come first. You're going to be nervous having anything done, so this takes an element of anxiousness out of the equation. Helen trains her whole team to follow her own exacting standards.

The beauty of Helen Hannigan's skills is that she approaches each consultation independently of the last. She doesn't always go for the obvious solution and doesn't necessarily give the same treatment twice where not suitable.

Sometimes having an invasive treatment can spawn new issues - but I have never found this to be the case at Waterside Aesthetics. 

The litmus test is my family. The day I come back looking unnatural or noticeably odd is the day they'll insist I don't have any more done. I will comply... but am also completely confident this will never be the case!" TV Presenter

Botox Solihull Kerry

"Never having had any previous experience with cosmetic treatments I was a bit wary when I finally made the decision to try Botox. I needn’t have worried, I had a Botox consultation first with Helen at her clinic in Solihull who assured me that her approach of a little at a time would ensure that I didn’t end up with an unnatural look. The results were great. I have since tried other treatments too, again with great results. My other reservation was the reputation that aesthetic clinics have for aloof members of staff. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Everyone at Waterside Aesthetics is friendly, helpful and reassuring. With Kind Regards" Kerry

Solihull Botox Linda

"I have been going to Waterside Aesthetics for several years. I have always been very happy with the treatments that I have had and know that Helen will never suggest anything that would be inappropriate.  I used to live quite close to the clinic in Solihull but now, having moved, I travel an 80 mile round trip as I would not trust anyone else to treat me with Botox or dermal fillers.  The rest of Helen’s “team” are great and I am always welcomed with a smile. If I could give more stars I would. Thanks for all your help." Linda

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